A peaceful place in the heart of Vernier, this space is for all to enjoy. Relax, practice sports, or just enjoy the nature along the banks of the Rhône River as well as an area adapted for picnics and swimming.



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Nestled at the bottom of the Thermal Park, the Saint-Gervais Spa invites you to experience an unforgettable moment of relaxation! A wellness journey in the naturally warm and soothing thermal water that is thousands of years old. Relaxation workshops, saunas at different temperatures, steam baths, herbal tea rooms, and, of course, indoor and open-air pools.

The Thermal Baths are a 18-minute walk from the station.


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Want to enjoy nature and bask in the beauty of Lake Geneva? The beach in Mies is perfect for enjoying a nice day in the sun. A small park and a pebble beach are sure to please young and old. To get there, it's only a 15-minute walk from Mies Station.




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A natural beach, 10 minutes from La Plaine train station. Also known as Dardagny Beach, this beach is the perfect place to enjoy some peace and quiet. With different depths, this waterhole is perfect for children. An additional water feature was created from scratch to encourage the development of local flora and fauna.

For water sports enthusiasts or those who simply enjoy boat trips, this port on the shores of Lake Geneva is without doubt a favourite. You can also enjoy the various refreshment stands and other places to have a good time with friends or family. Two minutes from Genthod-Bellevue Station.



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15 minutes by bus from the station, between Bellevue and Prégny-Chambésy, Vengeron Beach has a large green space for swimming and relaxation. For those who like to play pétanque, get your equipment ready and enjoy the boulodrome.



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Dating back to the ancient Greek period, the Thermal Baths have been a place of well-being for body and mind for several centuries.

The first thermal baths in Evian were built in 1827.

At the Evian Thermal Centre—dedicated to well-being, health, and beauty—you can enjoy the benefits of Evian's natural mineral water. Located 7 minutes from the station by bus (H/J).



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Located 20 minutes on foot from the station, these public and municipal baths have existed since 1872. A popular meeting point for Geneva residents and tourists, they are open all year round.


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