Disabled passengers

Léman Express trains have a number of features to accommodate disabled passengers:

• An adapted carriage with space for wheelchairs in each train 
• Visual and audio information for the hearing and visually impaired
• Platform-level trains
• Extra-wide doors and wheelchair-accessible toilets
• Movable footboards (on Régiolis trains in France) and automatic ramps (on Flirt trains in Switzerland)


Passenger assistance

Disabled passengers must purchase tickets or passes to travel on Léman Express trains. However, guide dogs and individuals accompanying disabled passengers may travel free of charge; disabled passengers just need to show their disability card to the ticket inspector.
The disability cards accepted on Léman Express trains are:
-    For passengers living in France: the Carte Mobilité Inclusion issued by the relevant authority
-    For passengers living in Switzerland: the Carte Suisse de Légitimation pour les Voyageurs avec un Handicap  
The terms and conditions of travel for disabled passengers – including fares and passenger assistance – are managed by the Swiss (SBB) and French (SNCF) railway companies.

The passenger assistance service is free of charge for passengers in wheelchairs, visually impaired passengers and passengers with other mental or physical impairments. 

For cross-border journeys, we suggest you contact the railway company in your departure country at least 48 hours before your departure.

  • If you travel from Switzerland, please contact Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

- Call 0800 007 102 from Switzerland (free of charge) open from 6:00am to 10:30pm. From abroad, please dial +41 51 225 78 44.
- Send an email to mobil@sbb.ch

For more information, visit the SBB website

  • If you travel from France, contact French National Railways (SNCF)

- Call 3635, then #45 or say “service”, then “Accès Plus” (free service + connection fee)

- SNCF form

Disabled passengers taking regional trains can use the Accès Plus service, which includes a hotline you can call if you encounter a problem during your journey in France.

- When you are in France, call 09 69 32 26 26, from 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week (toll-free number).
- Outside these hours, dial 3117 (toll-free and registered number) or send an SMS to 31177 (toll-free number)

More information : SNCF Accès plus