Lost and Found

Have you lost an object on board a Léman Express train ? Here is the procedure to follow.

Two different steps must be taken simultaneously with the SBB (Switzerland) and SNCF (France) services.


  • Submit your loss report free of charge on the Internet using the following form : Declaration of loss

Remember to give all the available information on the lost object: container (plastic bag, backpack, etc.), precise description of the lost object, detailed contents of suitcases and bags, etc., date of loss, train number and route taken.

  • You can also contact the SBB Contact Center: +41 (0)848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min).
  • Or go to a station ticket office. You will be charged CHF 15.

For your information, lost and found items are kept for 1 or 3 months depending on the value of the item (+ or - CHF 50).

More information


Please contact the reception staff. Items lost in stations and on trains are kept at the lost property office in the station for a period of one month (except for dangerous and perishable items).

You can also consult the "lost property" section where you will find the steps to follow as well as the opening hours of the lost property service at your station. 

Don't forget to label your luggage; labels for this purpose are available in all sales outlets in France.

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