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Disabled persons

Is the station adapted to the type of disability ?Is there a help desk ?
Motor disability
Helpdesk not available
Visual disability
Helpdesk not available
Hearing impairment
Helpdesk not available
Mental Disability
Helpdesk not available

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Interchange hub

Pougny-Chancy Station is served by several lines:

Léman Express: Line L6 Bellegarde - Geneva 

Transports Publics Genevois: line K

Bus transport « TAD »

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The sensitive natural area of the Etournel Marshes (nearly 200 hectares) is a refuge for remarkable fauna and flora. An essential migratory stopover for birds, this protected site with a path for all ages is ideal for birdwatching.


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A 815-kilometre cycle path. This magnificent route links Lake Geneva to the Bouches du Rhône and crosses the iconic landscapes through the vineyards of Côtes du Rhône and southern Provence. Don't hesitate to make a stop to discover the wealth of each region. The path is also suitable for families thanks to smaller, secured paths 15 to 25 km in length.



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Did you know ?

Pougny-Chancy Station was commissioned on 18 March 1858. This is the last station before the Swiss border. It is named after Pougny, the town where the station is located, and Chancy, a town in the canton of Geneva. Located closer to Chancy, the station was simply called "Chancy" and then "Chancy-Pougny". The name of the station was changed definitely after five years of proceedings.


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