Lémanis, SBB and SNCF are fully committed to inform passengers and ensure their protection, as well as the protection of their employees.

The cleaning teams are highly committed and clean particularly and regularly contact surfaces (buttons, handles, handrails, benches, information pillars and ticket machines). Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers are available in large stations.


The national directives of the railway companies are available on the following websites:



Lémanis continues to inform travellers about traffic and important changes that are expected to occur via the WhatsApp group (in French) and the Travel Info page.

Timetables are available on the websites and applications of SBB and SNCF, as far as possible.



The prevention instructions of the Swiss and French governments are available on the following websites:

Link to the FOPH

Link to the French Ministry of Health and Solidarity 

(only available in french)

Instructions on the handwashing